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Brand: Mira

Designed for silent showering the Mira Elite SE pumped electric shower takes cold water on low pressure, gravity fed systems and silently delivers a strong and consistent performance. Divert between the large overhead and handheld showerhead for double the experience.

Powerful performance

The integrated pump provides a strong and consistent flow - suitable for a low pressure water supply

Silent showering

Quiet Mark approved - pump cannot be heard when water is running

Double the experience

Dual Showering for a luxurious showering experience. Divert between a 200mm deluge overhead or 90mm hand shower

Easy to clean filter

The Mira Clean-flo™ filter is designed to be easily accessible, to enable self-cleaning to maintain shower performance

Simple settings

On/off push button for ease of use, plus separate flow and temperature controls. Shower on demand

Ideal Replacement

The same footprint and screw holes as the Elite QT and ST makes it an easy replacement.

  • An integrated pump boosts your shower on a low pressure system
  • Dual Showering for a luxurious showering experience which you won’t find on any other pumped electric shower: Switch between a 200mm deluge overhead or 90mm hand shower using the clever diverter
  • Silent showering: So quiet that when the water is running you won’t hear the pump. Quiet Mark™ approved – as awarded to products which make a huge difference to noise in the home
  • Continuously rated meaning you can run the shower for as long as you need. Perfect for large households

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