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Plumbing Centre

Contact Lacey’s Today For All Your Plumbing and Heating Supply Needs.

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Gas & Oil Boilers. Heat Pump Supplier

Boilers & Pumps

At Lacey’s we stock a large variety of gas and oil boilers and pumps. We source all heating products from the world’s leading brands and manufacturers.


Plumbing Supplies

Plumbing Supplies

From pipes and valves to hoses and traps, Lacey’s can provide the best solution for all your plumbing needs. Our warehouse is always fully stocked with a vast selection of products.

Radiators and Cylinders

Radiators & Cylinders

Whether you’re after a central heating or towel radiator or looking for valves and other radiator parts and accessories, Lacey’s is always fully stocked with supplies.

Oil Tank, Water Tank,Portable Water Tank, Tank Jackets


Lacey’s carries a wide range of tanks including oil, water storage, portable water tanks and tank jackets. Our collection is sourced exclusively from the leading tank manufacturers.

Plumbing Centre

Lacey’s Plumbing & Heating Supplies is the one stop shop for all your professional plumbing and heating supplies. Our comprehensive range of products are sourced from the leading international manufacturers. At Lacey’s you are guaranteed highly quality products, expert advice, and friendly staff.

Our knowledgeable and experienced team members are always available to make recommendations and provide advice on products and market innovations in heating and plumbing. We carry a full stock of all the leading and recognised brands across the entire range of heating and plumbing supplies.

At Lacey’s Plumbing & Heating Supplies we offer Nationwide Delivery on every order.

Plumbing Centre
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